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The German-engineered QuadroStar PRO Yellow Laser is a version of the commonly used Dual Yellow/Combination laser. Due to its specific wavelength of 577nm, the Pro Yellow Laser is ideal vascular treatments such as vascular lesion removal and vascular laser for rosacea as well as epidermal pigmentation treatments such as depigmentation of skin. It has been used to target both pigmentation and underlying vessels for good results.

The main difference between the PRO Yellow Laser and other skin rejuvenation lasers is its wavelength. Compared to the Dual Yellow/Combination laser, the PRO Yellow Laser has a specific wavelength of just 577nm, instead of a mixture of 532nm (green) and 577nm (pure yellow light). This specific wavelength of 577 nm means that the Pro Yellow Laser is known as the laser treatment for acne and can also be used to safely treat various conditions such as pigmentation, rosacea, uneven skin tone etc, as the wavelength of 532nm is believed to leave Asian skin more susceptible to hyperpigmentation.

The PRO Yellow Laser not only treats the visible spots on the face, but also the underlying vessels. This helps to ensure long-lasting, quick, and safe results. Data from recent research suggests blood vessels are the primary cause behind persistent brown lesions such as sun spots and melasma. It is safe in darker skin types, where traditional lasers are limited to only treating lighter skin tones. It is especially suitable to treat:


Common places for melasma to occur include: Nose, Cheeks, Forehead and areas around the upper lip. More than 90% of melasma cases occur in women above the age of 30. Women that live near the equator where UV exposure is higher are at a greater risk of developing melasma. Hormonal and genetic factors play a role in many cases.

At times, other lasers such as Pico Laser and the Fotona Laser can be used in combination in a multi-prong approach to treating difficult melasma cases.

Vascular (Blood Vessels) Conditions

Because of the dilation of the skin’s blood vessels, redness of the face can occur. There are various vascular skin conditions and such include rosacea (redness), Telangiectasia, cherry angiomas, and facial veins. With PRO Yellow Lasers, their yellow light energy wavelength thickens and coagulates the blood vessels which will then lead it to collapse. As this happens, minimal bruising may occur. This process has the ability to fade away rosacea and other vascular lesions.


PRO Yellow Laser fights and kills the acne bacteria that is causing acne breakouts. As this happens, the procedure helps to reduce inflammation which is also causing visible redness. Proyellow Laser is also an effective procedure to reduce the size of sebaceous glands that exerts sebum or oil, which is also the cause of acne breakouts.


PRO Yellow Lasers has the ability to boost collagen growth and improve the skin’s appearance as the yellow light laser energy wavelength absorbed into the skin improves the skin’s support structure. After a few sessions of Proyellow, patients may expect rejuvenated and glowing skin condition.

With the inclusion of preparation time, each treatment session will last around 45 minutes. This treatment is generally well tolerated and is quite mild. Often, patients don’t even need the application of a topical numbing cream. The laser has been said to give a mild prickling sensation. Patients with a lower pain tolerance can be given a topical anesthetic cream.

After a session, the patient’s facial skin might be slightly sensitive and appear a little pink. However, there is no real downtime and the patient can resume daily activities immediately after.

In general, for most cases of rosacea and melasma, you will require anywhere between 4-6 treatments with around 3 weeks rest period between each treatment session for the condition to fully clear up.

Before proceeding with the PRO Yellow Laser skin rejuvenation treatment, patients should avoid excessive sun exposure for a week. The same goes after undergoing the said laser treatment. Patients should also avoid exfoliating and scrubbing for a week as the skin gets sensitive and vulnerable after each procedure.

After each treatment session of PRO Yellow Laser skin rejuvenation treatment, visible results such as healthier-looking and glowing skin will start to appear. It is highly recommended to undergo six sessions of PRO Yellow Laser treatment with three weeks interval to achieve ideal results. After completion of the required sessions, patients can request maintenance treatments for continuous and longer-lasting results.

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